About us

Jainta Hills Resort or Jaintia Hill Resort the name you’ve heard it is just 5 kilometers before going to Jaflong. Very good place to spend the night at the cheap price and enjoy the beauty of nature. Meghalaya Falls is not so close to Bangladesh, which can be seen from here. The mountainous fountain and beauty of the mountain will fascinate you. Only one hour’s way from the city of Sylhet.

Jaintia Hill Resort, or commonly known as Jaintapur Resort, is located near the Indian border in Sylhet, just beside the Sylhet-Tamabil highway. If you travel Sylhet, or to stay over and pass a night in the Jaintahill Resort, Get an amusement there, Please do not forget to do so. This place is important for different reasons in the world. It is an hour journey form Sylhet. This is at a distance of two K.M by the air with Cherrapunji, tge highest rainy place in the world. The highest mountain in the world the Himalayas begins from the Jaintahill where this resort exists. The mountain where this resort lies in five thousand miles long and somewhere six hundred miles in the width. It does through India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan up to the middle east. The mount of Everest lies in the middle of this. During rainy reason the fountain in front of the resort will fascinate you anyhow. This fountain is at the height in twenty times than that of Madabkunda and double than the Niagra Falls of Canada. The fountain water becomes contaminated in different ways by flowing through Bangladesh. We collect water before it gets contaminated and we supply it through a special process. Drinking this water will satisfy you. This is hundred percent arsenic free. You may see the Natural Wonder Museum which is a collection of articles from the nature.You can get hundred percent sure honey which is collected from the interior of the hill. You can wander around the tribal devellings nearby the resort. About seventeen handicraft shops of Tribal people are there. If you wish you can enjoy the dance and songs of the tribal people also. Nearby the resort, there are Tea Gardens. Betel leaf gardens and stone crashing plants, you can go on foot to see there.There is the arrangement for folklore music by Sylheti, local artists. Guests from any corner of the country can have helicopter service for transportation from anywhere in the country.